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Sheridans Cheesemongers

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Contact: Mr. Kevin Sheridan
Tel: 04645110
Address: Old Virginia Road
Website: www.sheridanscheesemongers.com

We are passionately committed to sourcing highest quality artisan products and forging links directly with the food producers. The close relationships we have with our suppliers are of the utmost importance to the ethos of the company. Many of the farmhouse cheeses and foods are handmade locally in Ireland and we have a wide selection of delicious artisan produce from all over Europe.

We stock a list too long to print of Irish Farmhouse cheeses, but which features cheese such as Durrus, Clonmore, Coolea and Cooleeney Raw Milk Cheese. We have ensured that we source the best of continental cheeses available; to single out a few- Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano, Dongé Brie de Meaux, Marcel Petit Comté. We put a lot of effort in to ensuring that our cheeses reach you at optimum levels of ripeness and maturity.
Our other products include Rustichella d’Abruzzo Pastas, Ortiz Tunas, Prunotto Italian Pasta sauces and cheese accompaniments and Luscombe Organic Drinks.

Of course it is hard to be passionate about cheese without also developing a love of good wine. Over the years we have sourced an array of wines from across Europe, with a particular focus on Italy. You can find our wines in Sheridans Shops, as well as good retailers and restaurants throughout the country.

Our kitchen has created a small range of great products with the Sheridans Cheesemongers brand. These are our award-winning Brown Bread Crackers for Cheese, Rye & Linseed and Mixed Seed Crackers for Cheese; Duck Confit, Pesto and Chutney for Cheese.